Alerts, Announcements, Notice, RecallProduct Announcements

Notification Description Released
Alert: Product Alert 210201 Potential for Gear Box Drive Adapter Failure 2021-02-01
Alert: PRODUCT ALERT 200520 Swivel Joint Repair/Rebuild Kits sold between March 2018 and January 2020 2020-05-20
Alert: PRODUCT ALERT 200420 Hammer Union Safety – Detachable vs Non-Detachable Wing Nuts 2020-04-20
Alert: PRODUCT ALERT 191211 Alert related to dust seal rings in 2” Swivel Joint Repair/Rebuild Kits sold after 2018 2019-12-11
Alert: Product Alert 190717 Potential Gear Box Drive Adapter Yield 2019-07-17
Alert: PRODUCT ALERT 190701 Alert related to 4” Fig 1502 Female, 5” Fig 1002/1502 Male & Female Union Components sold after 2018 2019-07-01
Alert: PRODUCT SAFETY ALERT 190502 Potential disengagement of Gear Box Drive Adapter from Plug Valve Plug 2019-05-06
Alert: PRODUCT QUALITY ALERT 040419 Customers may have received incorrect material property data on MTRs provided for products containing heat code HE13. 2019-04-04
Notice: SAFETY BULLETIN 160502 Important notice regarding potential improper makeup of industrial nuts and certain female components 2016-05-02
Recall: RECALL NOTICE 150824 Important notice regarding material non-conformance within specified swages. 2015-08-25
Notice: TECHNICAL BULLETIN 141112 Important notice regarding Kemper 3" 1502 Standard, 1002 and 602 Detachable Hammer Union Connections. 2014-11-12
Notice: Price Increase on Distribution Product Lines See letter. 2014-01-03
Recall: RECALL NOTICE 130809 Swivel Joints, Hose Loops and Long Radius Ells - all figures and sizes - containing affected heat lots. 2013-08-09
Notice: TECHNICAL BULLETIN 120713 Important notice regarding use of Kemper Heavy Duty (HD) Connections. 2012-07-13
Recall: RECALL NOTICE 120629 2012-06-29
Recall: PRODUCT ALERT 111117 Important notice regarding potential failure of specific 2" 1502 NPS pup joints 2011-11-17
Notice: NOTICE 120516 Butt Weld 2" Fig. 602 Unions - All Schedules 2011-05-16
Notice: TECHNICAL BULLETIN 100302 Important notice regarding revised version of Kemper 2" 602 female. 2010-03-03
Recall: PRODUCT ALERT Important notice regarding potential component failure of specific Kemper Valve 4" 1002 (4" 10k) swivel assemblies